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Activity and Post [Jun. 8th, 2010|08:06 pm]
Where Therians, Otherkin, and Furries can meet


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Wow! It has been literally... months since there has been any activity here.

My apologies for not posting here to help keep things moving. Life has been hectic and demanding of time. While life is still being a big pain in the @$$, things aren't too bad.

Feel free to keep posting here, advertise your art, if you so wish, I don't mind at all. All I ask is that people remain civil in their posts.

Now, to help get things rolling again, I'm getting the word out about my own major accomplishment in life and to advertise a bit. My first novel, 'Black Friday' is now in publication and available on Xlibris.com, Amazon.com, BarnsandNoble.com, and other book sites out there.

'Black Friday' is about a race of shifters, known as therians, in our modern day world. Karina, the narrator, has been given a new therian to teach and guide in order for him to save their people and to bring them out of legends and nightmare and into human knowledge. It isn't an easy task and Karina isn't the most patient of teachers. Only after a 'punishment' given to both her and her student that things take a turn for the better as far as her students training.

Life for them isn't simple after they leave for their home to find First Home, the therian sacred place where the young are tested before they leave on their own into the world. Before they can leave, the fight to survive becomes one battle after another. Who are they fighting? Magic holding humans working in the name of their god. But, therians have their own gods to aid them and have their own magics.

To find out more and what happens, you'll have to get a copy. >;) Those who want a signed copy, buy one and send a private message via email asking for my address. I'll sign and return it as quickly as I can.

(I apologize now for the mistakes found in this book. They can be corrected, but I'll have to resubmit and that requires another investment. Buying one now will help get to that pint, then it should be possible to ask for an exchange via xlibris.com)

So... what is happening with everyone else?