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Points of View, Please [Jun. 12th, 2010|11:59 pm]
Where Therians, Otherkin, and Furries can meet


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Hello all!

Local lurker here asking for some help from everyone and anyone.

I'm in the process of writing the second in my Black Friday series. Book one is already published and available on Amazon and other book sites. It sets the scene for what is coming next. hehe My next book is posted here in extra rough format but is a totally different series.

Not to give anything away, but near the end of Black Friday there are two battles, both bloody and leaving plenty of dead on both sides. This has been a long running war of survival that came to a head to determine if the therians (were-creatures of various sorts) will die out in a matter of a few generations or continue on as a strong and viable species well into the future alongside human beings.

Among the dead are wolves, dholes, hyenas, cats of all sizes and species, various predator birds including ravens, gophers, deer of all kinds... just to give you an idea. Clean up is done by humans who came upon the scene after seeing some strange stuff in the distance and they witness the final battle between the chosen of the prophecy and the demon lead humans. The humans in the fight control magic given to them by a very strong demon. The therians have their own sort of magic wielded by their shamans. The narrator, Karina, is part of all of this and gives first person account of everything from the time she is brought into it at the beginning of the story. (first person narration is a b**** to write) Along with creatures of legend fighting magic wielding humans and demons of several types summoned by those humans, a few deities make their own appearances at the battle to witness who wins and possibly nudge things.

All of this is seen not just by the people who came to investigate and clean up the bloody mess, but someone with a video camera filmed a good bit of the second part of the last battle and now, there is no hiding for therian or magician. Stuff once thought fantasy and imagination is now proven to be very real, including the gods.

Here's where I need the point of view. Answer these questions using your own point of view as a normal person seeing this. I'm pretty sure how the furry community itself will react in varying degrees. Keep in mind that most of these are dealing how others would view you, too, if you or them were no really human.

1) You just saw the 100th replay of the battle between some weirdly dressed people, were-creatures of different species (mostly wolves and cats), a strange looking guy on fire, demons, and some unexplained lights on TV. What would your views and reactions be upon seeing either of these beings sometime after the battle has ended?

2) The dead from the battle are the only proof these things are real. after scientists take their share to examine, would you want to see one of these beings up close when/if put on display?

3) Seeing any of this, would you rethink your views on demons, gods, werewolves, magic, and religion?

4) How would your family and friend's views change (if they changed)?

5) How would you react if you found out your brother/sister/mom/dad/family member of choice was a were-creature of some kind? (wolf, cat, bird, whatever) Your best friend? Neighbor? Teacher? Store clerk?

6) How do you think the police would react to seeing a werewolf (or other were-creature) walk by trying to get home? The armed forces seeing a were-creature among them? The government (city/state/nation)?

7) How would society in general treat were-creatures?

8) How would your church react if you or a member were a were-creature?

9) Views on how the scientific community would react?

Add more questions if you can think of them to help gain a better view of what is going on with the creatures.